Mini Light Strands

What is a Mini light?

A Mini light is a larger bulb and most recognize it as "Christmas Tree lights". This light bulb can be removed from the light strand and replaced with a new light bulb. All of the Mini light strands we offer come with 2 silicone dipped replacement light bulbs.  We have personally tested these strands and replacing bulbs is a simple and easy process. Our Mini strands have a brown cord and are Manufacturer rated for 1,500 hours of lighted use. These Mini lights are great outdoor lights as well as indoor lights.

Mini Lights are a wonderful way to show off your larger display pieces in your home. Holiday trees are a great way to use a 100 light count light strand giving the tree that extra added sparkle!  Another feature that we love about these light strands is a UL listing for indoor AND outdoor use. Hanging over our own deck year round are 600 lights! Giving us a soft glow while we enjoy our evenings outside!