About the owner and Country Lantern!

My name is Wendy and Country Lantern may be new since 2017, but I am not new to creating, imagining, crafts, dipping lights, owning a small business and working hard. My love of crafts came about like most, I took classes and self taught. As a stay at home mom with 4 children, I needed ways to keep young minds busy and learning - enter crafts! As my children grew, my need of crafting grew into wanting to sell my designs - a small Country Primitive retail shop in 2006 thus began and then that eventually evolved into a wholesale business that sold only Dipped lights. Twists and turns of life and BAM - 2017 my oldest daughter, Morgan, talked me into starting another small business that now markets to online sales, craft markets and bazaars, Retail shop owners (wholesale market), new in 2020 a National Wholesale Warehouse (that was what seemed like a long time in the making) and now 2 booths in Wholesale warehouses, one in Ohio and one in Illinois.
Still a small business at heart with goals of growing, I strive to think outside of the box daily, always looking for the next new color or texture or new way to market my lights or ways to display them. I truly enjoy dipping the light strands! My family says I'm nuts but I love it! Yes, I do take time for family but now as an Empty nester I don't like to stay idle. I have been dipping lights since 2008 and see no end in sight! Thank goodness!

Should your business be interested in carrying our brand, let's talk!